What are some of the benefits of feeding a raw diet?

Updated: Apr 24

Whether you're switching from kibble or are already feeding a raw based diet, you should know that there are many benefits. Aside from it being a healthier choice for your pet and building a stronger immune system which means less vet visits therefore saving you money, it can also make them less prone to diseases.

One of the first benefits you'll begin to notice is that your pet will have a nice healthy shinny coat with much less odour. You will find that you're not having to bath your pets as much because of this. We all know how that stubborn dog hair seems to find it's way into every nook and cranny, well there will be far less shedding, which in my opinion is one of the best reasons I feed raw. Your pets teeth will be pearly white when feeding a raw diet as they chew through meaty bones, acting like a floss and at the same time removing plaque. You'll see that their gums are a nice healthy pink colour. There is no bad breath which is mainly caused by tooth decay from bacteria build up.

It is much easier to keep and maintain a healthy weight and you'll begin to see a beautiful muscle tone. Reduced chances of heart, liver and kidney diseases makes this diet the best and easiest decision you can make for extended family. With the right supplements, parasites and fleas don't stand a chance. We like to occasionally sprinkle a little Diatomaceous earth on their food, which is great for killing off those fleas and removing any parasites or worms (excluding heart worms) that may be living internally.

Another great reason to be on raw, and I saved the best for last, is that you are going to be dealing with significantly smaller poops and very little to no smell at all! If the above reasons weren't enough to per sway you, then this one should be the icing on the cake. Overall pets that eat raw are a more balanced animal with vet visits being few and far between if any at all. If you're still reading this, I thank you for your time as these are only a couple of benefits to help make your decision easier on whether to feed your pet raw, or stay on that kibble diet. Stay tuned as we will keep posting blogs about raw food facts, dog fun facts and everything in between.

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