Why Switch?

You will notice your pet will get a healthy shiny coat when they start a raw diet. This is due to the fact that the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids are whole not broken down in processing like they are in a kibble based diet. 

Healthy Shinier Coat

Finally A benefit for you! When your pet is fed a raw diet they absorb and use more of the nutrients in the food then they do in a kibble based diet. Raw meaty bones, meats, and vegetables are broken down much easier then cooked grain and meats which makes it easier for your pets body to work and process the food better. 

Added bonus? If left out in the sun the stool becomes chalky and pretty much turns to dust.

Smaller Odourless Stool

You will notice when your pet is on raw that they have fewer health issues. This is because on a raw diet your pets immune system begins to work like it was designed to.

Fewer Vet Visits

Dog Breath. On a raw diet, your pet will not have that bad breath that we all have come to accept. By feeding your pet raw meaty bones it allows your pet to go through the soft tissues and bone which brushes the teeth to keep them clean. Their teeth will never be as bright when they smile. Busy bones do not have the same effect as a raw bone, they are usually harder than your pets teeth and can wear them down and cause more damage over time.

Cleaner Whiter Teeth

When you are feeding your pet a raw diet it is easier to manage their weight. You should be weighing your pets food before feeding. If you notice your pet is starting to gain more weight then they should you simply lower the amount of food you are feeding. If they are too skinny you simply add more. 2% is a guideline to start with. Depending on how active your pet is you may need to adjust up or down from there. You will find a perfect balance for your pet very quickly.

Easier Weight Management 

When you switch your pet to a raw diet you will begin to notice that a lot of the allergies they may have start to clear up. Raw is a more pure clean diet then a kibble based diet.  With very few ingredients it is easier to figure out your pets allergies with an elimination diet. Simply try the different proteins and if you notice any reaction to a protein we eliminate that one from your pets diet.

Fewer Allergies