About Us

Where it all started


Stella started the whole raw journey for us. As a pup, we wanted to get her on the right track. Having the runs for months and going through many different brands of kibble, we came across the raw diet. After doing some research, we decided to try it. First thing we noticed was that Stella's stool had firmed up instantly! About a week or so into feeding raw, we saw that her coat was  starting to feel softer. It was from this moment on that we knew we were going to feed a raw diet. At this time, there weren't any pre-made foods available. We went to butcher shop, grocery stores, kill plants, etc to find anything we could. We mixed our own blends, figured out our own ratios and packaged a weeks worth of food at a time. Stella thrived on her new diet which made our decisions easier to feed  any future pack members the same way. Even tho Stella isn't with us anymore, She will always be in our hearts and we will always dedicate our success to her. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be here right now, spreading the knowledge and health to your pets at home.

our goals and why

With over 10 years experience feeding and handling raw. we started to notice that there were't many people feeding the diet because they didn't know how or where to start. With all the pre-made companies already manufacturing foods and making the switch easier than ever, there was no better time to open up shop. First thing we did was research these companies and trialled their food. Once we found a brand that we felt was up to our standards as far as quality and the overall consistency, we decided to distribute. Our main goal is to educate others on all the benefits of feeding raw and how much of an impact it has on your pets health. Feeding a well balanced diet is important, that's why we have made it easy for you and took the guess work out of it. By distributing these brands instead of creating our own, it helps us focus more on our goal to educate our customers with more information . Being that we are very involved in the dog world, not only are we trying to spread the knowledge, but we are passionate about our animals and want whats best for each and every one of them.

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Meet The Pack!


Zsa Zsa

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The Oldest member of the pack, Zsa Zsa was our fist American Bulldog. Her agility is second to none as she has the confidence to jump, climb and scale anything without hesitation. A great role model and motherly instincts makes her the perfect team member to help guide any future additions to the pack.



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Our youngest of the pack. Kai is one of a kind, to say the least. If you know the American Bully breed, Kai is the perfect example and representation of it. He's a sweet, cuddly soul who only wants to please and be in your presence every minute of the day. Our hearts are filled with love, faces filled with smiles and laughter when he's around. There's no telling what silly thing Kai will do next.



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Nova aka "Super Nova", is our youngest and smallest pack member . She is the sweetest, yet driviest dog we have in our home. Her temperament is second to none as she will hug, kiss and cuddle you all day if she had to. Being that Nova is an uncommon breed, she tends to turn heads everywhere we go. 

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